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Antique Indian Furniture

Redefining the Silver Furniture & Antique Indian Furniture collection from the land of Royal Rajasthan. We have a wide range of Silver Furniture, Antique Reproduction Furniture, Painted Furniture, Silver Swings, Sankheda Furniture and much more......Vinayak Crafts is the leading export Company involved in exports of Indian Furniture & Silver Furniture Since 1999. It has developed an excellent market reputation for their fine & Exclusive collection of the furniture collection of  Indian style and elegance.

Carved Furniture - Carved Furniture Manufacturers, Carved furniture Exporters

Antique Reproduction Furniture

Antique Replica Furniture





Indian Wedding Mandaps

antique furniture -antique Furniture Manufacturers, antique furniture Exporters, antique furniture company, antique Furniture, Antique, antique furniture Jodhpur India

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Antique Replica Chair,Antique replica furniture, antique replica wardrobe, antique replica india

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Silver furniture - Silver Furniture Manufacturers, Silver furniture Exporters, silver furniture company, antique Silver furniture Jodhpur India

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Carved Furniture, Indian Carved Furniture, Carved Sofa Set, Carved Table

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Wedding Mandap, Indian Wedding Mandap, Wedding Furniture, Indian Wedding Furniture

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Antique  Armoire
Antique  Beds
• Antique Frames
Antique  Chairs
Antique Trunks


•Antique Replica Armoire
•Antique Replica Bench
Antique Replica Daybed
•Antique Replica Chairs
•Antique Replica Tables


Silver Furniture, Swings
Silver Furniture
, Beds
Silver Furniture
, Frames
Silver Furniture
, Throne
Silver Furniture
, Tables


Carved Sofa sets
Carved Bedroom Set
Carved Temple
Carved Dressors
Carved Cabinets


Fiber Wedding Mandap
Sankheda Mandap




Wood Flooring







sankheda furniture - Silver Furniture Manufacturers sankheda furniture Exporters sankheda furniture company, Sankheda Furniture Antique sankheda furniture Jodhpur India

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antique wood flooring, wood floor tiles, rosewood flooring , rosewood ceiling, lamparquet

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antique statues, antique gemstone statues, antique wooden statues, antique krishna statue, antique god statues

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architectural antique, antique doors, antique windows, antique pillars, antique mandap

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Wood Chair, wood bed, wood sideboard, wood screen ,wood tv cabinet

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Sankheda Sofa set
Sankheda Swings
Sankheda Bed
Sankheda Dining set
Sankheda Mandap


Antique Wood Flooring
Antique  Lamparquet
• Teak Lamparquet
Rosewood Ceiling
• Rosewood Battens


Antique  Statues
Jade Buddha statue
• Silver Statue
Krishna Statue
• Carved Statues


Antique  Doors
Antique  Fort Doors
Antique  Windows
Antique  Pillars
Antique  Mandap


Wood Chair
• Wood Bed
• Wood Sideboard
Wood Screen
• Wood TV Cabinet




Thewa Jewelry





White Metal Handicrafts

silver furniture, silver furniture manufacturers, silver furniture indian , silver furniture jodhpur, silver furniture manufacturers

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antique reproduction jewelry, thewa jewelry, thewa necklace, thewa earrings, thewa pendants,thewa bracelets

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antique swings, antique porch swing,wooden swings, silver swings, sankheda swings, painted swings

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sandstone planeters, sandstone pillars, sandstone bench, sandstone handicrafts, sandstone crafts

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white metal handicrafts, german silver handicrafts, whitemetal temples, white metal boxes, white metal gifts

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Home Furnishing
• Cushions
Bed Covers
• Sofa Covers


Antique  Thewa
Thewa Necklace
• Thewa Earnings
Thewa Pendants
• Thewa Bracelets


Antique  Swings
Antique  Porch Swing
• Wooden Swings
Silver Swings
• Sankheda Swings


Stone Planters
Stone Fireplace
• Stone Bench
Stone Fountains
• Stone Pillars


White Metal Tables
White Metal Chairs
White Metal Temples
White Metal Boxes
White Metal Gifts

Antique Painted Furniture

Antique Teak Wood Furniture

Carpets &




painted almirah, painted bedside, painted cabinet, painted screens, painted tables

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period furrniture, period wardrobe, period rustic furniture, period chairs, period tables, period swings

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antique swings, antique porch swing,wooden swings, silver swings, sankheda swings, painted swings

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Restaurant Furniture, Restaurant Chairs, Restaurant Dining Sets

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Painted Armoire
Painted Bedside
Painted Cabinet
Painted  Screens
Painted  Tables


Antique  Thewa
Thewa Necklace
• Thewa Earnings
Thewa Pendants
• Thewa Bracelets


Kashmiri Carpet
• Indian Carpet
• Silk Carpets
• Royal Carpet
• Silver Thread Carpet


Restaurant Chairs
Dining Sets
Coffee Tables
Silver Dining Sets
• Antique Dining Tables


Our Products Range

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Alibaba Verified Supplier - Gold Supplier

Antique wardrobe

Antique Chairs

Antique Table

Architectural Antiques

Antique Swings

Silver Furniture Collection

Silver Tables

Silver Chairs

Silver Sofa-Set

Silver Daybed

Silver Swings

Silver Dining Set

Silver Statues

Sankheda Furniture

Sankheda Swings

Jade Buddha Statue

Sandstone Handicrafts

God Statues

Wooden Statues

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